Our Suppliers

100% Australian First Sourcing

The freshest ingredients owned, loved and raised in Australia

Australian at heart

Being born, owned and raised right here in Australia, it’s important to us that we support our local farmers, producers and suppliers. We’ve searched far and wide to find the best ingredients that Australia’s backyard has to offer.

From Echuca-grown tomatoes, beetroot born in Bundaberg and cos lettuce grown in Maffra, our suppliers are diverse in offering and location, but all equally as passionate about their produce.

It’s how we create our signature 'Grill’d taste’ that’s instantly recognisable from the very first bite.

To make our great burgers, we obsess about the details. Scroll down to find out more about the fresh produce that goes into our 100% Natural^ burgers.

^Excludes bacon, vegan cheese, and the Impossible™ range.

Cows on a farm at sunrise

Our Suppliers

Being local matters to us, so we work with Australian farmers and artisans to ensure that we not only get the freshest ingredients, but they travel shorter distances to reach your plate. It’s both good for you, good for the community and good for the planet.

These are the farmers, bakers, growers and creators who make us look good (and our burgers taste great) because they care as much about our ingredients as we do. It’s time they received some of the spotlight.

Our Ingredients

Fresh cos lettuce

Cos Lettuce

That refreshing crunch you get from our crispy cos lettuce didn’t come about by accident. Our suppliers are as close to the restaurant as possible, meaning fewer food miles and maximum freshness.

Our farmers grow our custom variety of cos lettuce to a specific size so that each leaf fits onto the bun perfectly.

Tomatoes on a cutting board


Our tomatoes are grown by Australian farms across numerous regions close to our restaurants, so we get fresh product delivered and sliced by our amazing restaurant teams daily. To make our famous Relish, we lock in our juicy tomatoes a year in advance from places like sunny Echuca in Victoria.

Beef pattie with cheese on a grill

Grass-fed beef

We source our 100% Australian grass-fed beef from family-run businesses with exceptional food safety and animal welfare policies. Our cattle are raised in farmlands from regions such as Gippsland, Southern Tablelands and Riverina. We use premium breeds like Angus and Hereford that consistently produce high-quality meat.

Fresh beetroot


You won’t find any cans of beetroot in our kitchens. We only use 100% Australian Beetroot grown in places like sunny Bundaberg, which are then sous vide for 8 – 12 hours with no added nasties. This means the juice stays in the beetroot, which are then hand-sliced in the restaurant every day for a taste you can’t beat.

Free-range eggs

Free-Range Eggs

We only use 100% free-range eggs from Australian farmers, but the goodness doesn’t stop there. Our free-range eggs are the best in the food industry where the chickens roam free with 1500 hens per hectare – that's six times above the Australian standard. We pay a premium, but we believe in using only the best!

Bucket of dill pickles

Dill Pickles

Our pickles are 100% Australian-made and owned, being picked, packed and pickled right here. From sourcing the cucumbers through a local network of family-owned farms down to the pickling and packing process, our suppliers are as passionate about making the highest quality product that’s 100% Australian as we are.

Ingredients FAQ

How fresh are your ingredients?

Real fresh! Every day, before we open our doors, our teams spend several hours preparing our ingredients (slicing tomatoes, onions & beetroots, shredding carrots, mashing avocados) that have been delivered fresh from local suppliers.

Where does your beef come from?

We source all our beef from family run farms in Gippsland, Southern Tablelands & Riverina. They all have high food safety, animal welfare, and product quality standards. Our beef is grass fed, free range and free from preservatives, antibiotics and all added hormones. And the best bit? We only use prime, lean cuts like chuck and brisket, so you get the tastiest, juiciest burgers Australia has to offer.

Where does your Wagyu beef come from?

Traditionally, Wagyu is Japanese, but our Wagyu is bred in Australia. Our patties are 100% Wagyu, free from preservatives, antibiotics and all hormones. Our Wagyu patties are also free from relish and salt, making them great for Paleo or Low FOD-MAP restricted diets.

Where does your chicken come from?

We only use premium fresh chicken breast sourced from RSPCA Approved Australian, family-owned farmers.

Are your chickens free range?

Good animal welfare relies upon a combination of factors, including good flock management, appropriate housing, and the ability to meet the animal’s behavioral needs. All Grill’d chicken is sourced from farms that have been certified as part of the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme.

Are your eggs free range?

Yes, we use 100% free range eggs. The chooks that lay our eggs are free to roam how they please, with no more than 1500 chickens per hectare. All of our mayo sauces are also made using only 100% free range eggs.

Is your meat Halal?

Yes, all the meat we source is from 100% Halal Approved suppliers (excluding Bacon).

However, it's important to note that while we maintain high standards, we do not have the necessary certification at a restaurant level.