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Never fear, Brian is here!

A hero can be many things. For some, it’s our mum. For others, it's the farmers who put the vegetables in our burgers. For the families from Cancer Council Support, their hero is a man named Brian.

Local Matters | Childhood Cancer Support X Grill'd | Brian in Van

See, Brian drives The Brianmobile — a super-charged bus that helps children with cancer get to and from their oncology appointments safely.

Brian is the friendly face that families see before and after every appointment, ready to celebrate the good news or distract from the bad.

“I really enjoy meeting families from all walks of life and taking the time to learn about where they have come from and what they do at home. It’s also a good feeling when they get to go home and you know that you’ve been a small part of their journey, and perhaps made their time less stressful,” Brian says.

The Brianmobile is run by Childhood Cancer Support — a disability services and support organisation with secret headquarters in Brisbane. Families from regional Queensland towns stay here when they need to travel for their child's long-term, life-saving cancer treatment. CCS also offer counselling and community connections.

“Not having this service would cause additional stress and financial burden on families that are already having to give up their jobs, be away from home and family, and manage a very difficult time in their life,” Brian told us.

We joined forces with CCS to ensure that The Brianmobile stays on the road, continuing to fight for the greater good.

“The support from Grill'd restaurants in the Brisbane area has helped keep our bus service on the road. Thank you to everyone who voted for Childhood Cancer Support.”