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Jett - A beautiful good boy

We love a feel-good story here at Grill’d (especially when it involves the goodest of boys). Nothing makes us wag our tails more than knowing that we’ve helped an abandoned pup find a warm bed, new friends and access to unlimited pats.

So, who are the true underdogs making this all happen? They’re actually called Project Underdog Rescue, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to changing the lives of pets – both the good, the ruff and the furry.

The project started back in 2015 when Founder & CEO Eva found her passion for animal rescue while volunteering at her local animal shelter. From there, an idea was born that now sees her helping the 25,000+ pets abandoned in Australia each year.

Jett - A beautiful good boy

With the team made up entirely of volunteer Dogmums, they rely heavily on donations from the people like you to continue doing great work. “Local Matters has made a huge difference in our organisation," says team member Anna.

“Every Local Matters cheque that we receive goes directly towards supporting our rescue work.”

Project Rescue Underdog specialises in giving abandoned pets a new leash on life, matching them with new families.

"The last cheque was used to cover the costs of bringing Jett, a young Border Collie x Kelpie into our rescue program,” quotes Anna, “At just one year old, Jett has sadly already been abandoned twice. He is just a pup - full of energy and excitement. But his first families considered him "too much" and were unable to manage his excitable nature.”

We’ve since heard through the grapevine that Jett has found his forever family and is loving life (we’re not crying, you are). Using the funds from Local Matters, Project Rescue Underdog also bought Jett a bed and toys to use in his new home, proving that every dog truly has their day.