Own a Grill'd

Anyone who has ever been to Grill’d knows that the burgers are addictive, tasty and healthy and that there should be a Grill’d restaurant just about everywhere. So, to meet your demands, we are on a nationwide search for franchise partners.

If you are passionate, hard working, awesome at leading people, and love interacting with customers, keep reading. Opportunities exist nationally.

If you are seriously considering becoming part of our family, please read this section carefully. It should help inform you on the major points of discussion and answer many of your questions.

What we're looking for

The following is a list of the qualities and attributes that we are looking for in Franchise Partners.

Passion for Grill'd

We want people with a passion for burgers, high quality food & service, leadership and people. You will need to have a strong desire to both understand our ethos and the journey we have been on.

Solid business acumen/experience

We want Franchise Partners with extensive experience in people management. Ideally you will have run a team or lead a department, managed a business or run large scale projects. Experience running your own business will be favourably looked upon, however not essential.

Great leadership & interpersonal skills

Not only are our Franchise Partners leaders, they are recruiting, training and working alongside people. The majority of staff will be student-age and full of energy. We are looking for Franchise partners confident in their ability to find great people and mentor and support them.

Hard working

Being a great franchise partner requires a combination of both brains and brawn; while a solid understanding of business is essential, we are looking for franchise partners who are also willing and able to put in the long hours and hard work to make their team and their restaurant a success.

Great attitude

We are searching for passionate people who are optimistic and driven to succeed. A focus on delivering the Grill’d experience and creating ‘wow’ moments is a necessity.

Ability to follow Grill'd policies & procedures

While our Franchise Partners are encouraged to run their business as their own, Grill’d has policies and procedures in place that all restaurants need to follow.

Franchising Q&As

What do I need to become a Grill’d franchise partner?

Passion, drive, energy and excellent customer service, leadership and communication skills. You also need to have a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard as an owner / manager and to follow the Grill’d guidelines and systems. A background in retail / food / hospitality and previous business management experience are ideal but not essential. Of course, you also need to have access to the required funds (minimum $546,000 plus GST) to set up a Grill’d franchise.

Am I required to work in the restaurant?

Yes. We believe that the most successful franchises are those which are run by the actual owner of the restaurant. This arrangement ensures that the franchise partner fully understands every aspect of the restaurant’s operation. The Grill’d franchise opportunity is suited only to those people who want to be actively involved in managing their restaurant and do not see it as a passive investment opportunity.

What do I get?

Becoming part of the Grill’d franchise family is a great opportunity to run your own business while being part of an established network. Benefits include the potential to earn strong returns via a proven and profitable business model; the ability to leverage the strength of the Grill’d brand and purchasing power; ongoing training, operations and marketing support and access to Grill’d intellectual property and systems. In addition to these benefits, we hope you will have some fun and enjoy being part of the Grill’d team.

What is covered in the initial investment?

The initial investment is expected to range from approximately $555,590 to $885,700 (plus GST) per restaurant. The actual cost will be dependent on a number of factors including the store size, location and condition. This investment delivers a turn-key franchise operation, including costs such as outlet selection and complete shop fit-out to our stringent quality standards, equipment, working capital, initial administration and security deposits and a one-off Franchise Fee.

What about ongoing fees?

A royalty is payable by all franchisees. This ensures the provision of ongoing operational support and marketing of the Grill’d brand.

Is everything prepared on site?

No. Grill’d patties and spreads are prepared offsite to our trademark recipes and are delivered exclusively to Grill’d stores. Bread is made by a traditional baker and is delivered to restaurants daily. This helps to keep food and labour costs down and ensures consistency of the Grill’d offer.

Can I own a franchise with a business partner?

Grill’d encourages spouse and sibling franchise partnerships and will consider other partnership arrangements on an individual basis.

Can I own more than one Grill'd restaurant?

Possibly. We expect that our most successful franchise partners will be likely to own more than one restaurant once they have proven themselves and their performance at their initial restaurant. Applications to become a multi-site operator will be assessed on an individual basis.

How are locations assessed?

Grill’d carries out research on potential sites and receives advice from property consultants prior to entering into lease negotiations to ensure that franchise partners are privy to prime locations in suitable areas. Franchise partners are not obligated to accept proposed sites and should conduct their own site evaluations before signing the Franchise Agreement. Of course, they are also welcome to suggest potential sites for Grill’d to consider.

What is unique about the Grill’d franchise offer?

The Grill’d concept delivers a healthy burger experience unlike any other. The business model has commercial viability and strong consumer appeal, capitalising on the shift towards healthy, great tasting and convenient meal solutions.

The Grill’d senior management team is both professional and reputable, with extensive marketing, retail and sales experience across small, medium and large sized businesses. Great importance is placed on branding, teamwork and a strong culture that sets us apart from competitors.

We are a young, growing company with the momentum and confidence to expand our presence on a national scale. We believe that our franchise opportunity is an exciting one that will establish Grill’d as Australia’s Number 1 premium, healthy burger company. We would love for passionate, committed, driven and positive people to join us as franchise partners.

What systems and support do you offer to Franchise Partners on an ongoing basis?

We have great systems in place that will assist with the day to day management of your restaurant. These include:

  • Sophisticated tools to monitor sales

  • Ordering and stock management systems

  • Online Training

  • Tools to manager and communicate rostering

  • Mystery Shop system

  • Face-to-face training workshops

In addition, all franchise partners receive ongoing support from Support Office including regular information sessions, visits from the State Operations Manager, marketing and recruitment support.

Do Franchise Partners get access to the same product as company owned restaurants?

All of our restaurants, regardless of whether they are company or franchise owned, use the same suppliers and high quality & fresh produce. This ensures consistency and cost efficiency.

What is the process for selecting franchised restaurants?

Grill’d have a great property team that select all of our restaurants across the country. That’s right; our franchise locations are selected by the same people who select our company restaurants and they are 100% focused on selecting the best possible location regardless of who the end owner is.

How long is the initial agreement?

The Franchise Agreement is an initial 5 year commitment but ideally we want our Franchise Partners to stick with us for the long haul. Potential franchise partners should be looking for a ten year commitment with Grill’d.