Harry Garside training

Feedin' the fittest

So, here’s the lowdown on why Grill’d burgers have become a big hit not just with athletes but with folks across Australia: they’re not just tasty, they’re packed with all the good stuff your body craves.

Picture this: 100% natural goodness, loaded with protein and fibre, and a whole bunch of essential vitamins and minerals to boot. It’s like a power-up for your taste buds and your body! And speaking of athletes, they’re all in on the Grill’d life. Take Harry Garside, local champ and Olympic bronze medalist - he’s been a Grill’d fan for years and can count on Grill’d to be his go-to as a key source of nutrition for his body. He’s been training hard with the AIS, another one of our long-time partners. From local sports clubs to the big leagues, Grill’d is there, cheering on athletes like Harry.

“Grill’d has always been a part of my regular meals while training and in competition,” says Harry. “I know it’s 100% natural, healthy and provides me with the nutritional replenishment I need. When my gloves are off and I’m home in Australia, my go to burger is a Simon Says with pineapple and beetroot, plus a side of HFC bites for extra protein.”