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Become a Relish Member and do more with your hunger by donating a meal to someone doing it tough—through our 8 & Donate program. So far, we’ve donated 169,022 meals & counting.

8 & Donate

Giving Back to those doing it tough

Lynda - Relish member at Grill’d Tuggerah


Relish member at grill’d tuggerah

“If me donating a meal can put a smile on someone’s face, it’s worth it. 100%”

Mary - Volunteer at Vinnies in VIC


volunteer at Vinnies in VIC

“Volunteering to help others is a two-way street. It benefits both the receiver and givers, too”.

Relish Impact - See your impact

See your impact

Click the locations to see how your donation helps people across the country.

1. Passages Youth Engagement Hubs, Perth 

Your donation helps the team at Passages Youth Engagement Hubs work with young people who are experiencing homelessness and other challenges such trauma, mental health and alcohol and other drug misuse. Last year, they helped 1,751 young people in need. 

2. Fred's Van, Adelaide

With over 650 volunteers, Fred’s Van provides meals to over 40,000 vulnerable people each year across SA. People living roughly can access Fred’s Van for a hot, nutritious meal, blankets, clothing and food vouchers, and more. 

3. Vinnies Soup Vans, Melbourne

Each and every night, the Fitzroy Soup Van helps over 270 people living rough in Melbourne. It's been running for over 43 years and is supported by 479 volunteers, or ‘Vannies’ as they’re affectionately known. 

4. Night Patrol Vans, Canberra 

Each year, Canberra’s Night Patrol Vans help over 11,000 people living rough. They run two vans seven nights a week, providing light refreshments, blankets, toiletries, snacks, hot beverages to people experiencing homelessness. 

5. Sydney Night Patrol, Sydney 

Each night, these legends help around 200 people experiencing homelessness with a meal, blankets, toiletries, snacks, and hot beverages. They run two vans seven nights a week, serving around 84,000 light meals every year to people doing it tough. 

6. Vinnies volunteers, Brisbane

Our friends at Vinnies help people in the community who are struggling to afford food, rent and bills. Each year, Vinnies helps more than 300,000 Queenslanders with food donations, food hampers, gift cards and more. 

7. Ozanam House, NT

This vital drop-in centre helps people experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness in Darwin. Vinnies volunteers at Ozanam House have helped to feed over 23,000 people doing it tough in the Northern Territory. 

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