Grill'd Lane Cove

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Looking for a healthy burger you can bring home to mum? Opposite the bus stop, right on the corner of Rosenthal and Burns Bay Road, is where you'll find a pair of buns worth fighting for.

Lane Cove

Local Matters

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Taldumande Youth Services: A New Pathway

Our A New Pathway accommodation program offers crisis response and community integration for young people aged 16 to 21 who are victims/survivors of forced marriage, with particular focus on independent living skills and connectedness to culture.

Taldumande Youth Services: Crisis Accommodation

Our Crisis Accommodation Program is a short-term emergency accommodation service for young people. The service accommodates up to 7 residents at any time, providing a range of daily supports aimed at meeting the individual needs of each young person.

Taldumande Youth Services: Family Restoration and Preservation Program

Our Family Restoration & Preservation Program provides specialist case management for families with children and young people aged 12-15. Support targets developing family strategies to promote healthier communication and strengthen relationships.

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