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Everyone knows the world is actually round, but don't go telling the higher ups at World Square. Burgers done good. Round, not square.

World Square
Image of a catering event

Feedin' a crowd? We'll cater!

From birthday parties to corporate events, footy games and picnics with pals, Grill'd's got the goods to satisfy the crew. Choose from sliders, salads and stacks of chips, with dietary-friendly options! Order before 5pm for next day pickup.

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Comin' with a big crew?

Work or play, mates or team-mates, birthday or game day. Whatever the group gathering, book 'em in for a Grill'd feed!

Local Matters

See the community groups we're supporting this month!

Sydney University Cyber Security Society

Cyber Security Society is a new club that aims to promote the study and application of Cybersecurity. With your donation, this will help us to rebuild our community and provide students with the skills they need to succeed.

University of Sydney Statistics Society

We're a revived club that's passionate about statistics! We'll use the donation to host events and workshops on a relevant statistical topic. This will help us to promote statistical literacy and build a community of statistics enthusiasts.

University of Sydney Quadball Club

USYD Quadball is a student-run organisation that promotes the sport of Quadball. We are using the money recruit new members. Your donation will help us to grow our club and introduce more people to the exciting sport of Quadball.

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