Grill'd Flinders Lane

Pick Up

Captain Matthew Flinders was an English explorer who loved burgers. One of those things is true. Regardless, if the great man was alive today he'd definitely love Grill'd.

Flinders Lane
Image of a dine-in restaurant

Comin' with a big crew?

Work or play, mates or team-mates, birthday or game day. Whatever the group gathering, book 'em in for a Grill'd feed!

Local Matters

See the community groups we're supporting this month!

Sandy Saints Basketball Club

Sandy Saints has supported TeamSports4All by sponsoring players to our club. We are currently further supporting TS4A through sponsorship of their Team Challenge. Any money raised will assist them help other children.

Westmeadows Cricket Club

The Westmeadows Cricket Club is home to junior and senior Warriors who play on our hallowed turf at Willowbrook Reserve. Our cricket season of 23/24 requires our youth players to be fully equipped with the tools to perfect their cricket skills!

Le Page Park Cricket Club

The Le Page Park CC has teams in Junior Boys and Girls as well as men's and Women's senior teams. We are based in Cheltenham with over 200 members. We are looking to use the donation to help with our new playing attire for next season.

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