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Meat the future

Say hello to the world's most sustainable beef burger: Gamechanger.

Up to 67% less methane than regular beef, thanks to seaweed.

Read on to discover how we've done it.

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Meaty methane

Methane (CH4) is the second most abundant greenhouse gas, after carbon dioxide (CO2).

Why’s it a big deal? Well, methane has a 100-year global warming effect 28 times that of CO2.

In Australia, methane emissions from livestock are the largest source of greenhouse gas in the agriculture sector and make up around 10% of total annual emissions.

And 95% of a cow’s methane emissions come from burps. Rude, really.

Asparagopsis, a vibrant red seaweed variety underwater


It’s a mouthful (SAY IT WITH US: ASS-PARA-GOPP-SISSS) but this seaweed native to Tasmania makes cows produce less methane. And that means beef that’s better for the planet.

The Gamechanger is the only beef burger with up to 67% reduced methane. Thanks to seaweed.

Read on for a deep dive into Asparagopsis: what it is, and how it changes the sustainable beef game.

Great cli-MATES with Sea Forest

Seaforest are the first company in the world to cultivate Asparagopsis commercially and they do it all down in Tassie.

We’ve partnered with them since 2021 to pioneer a solution for grass-fed cows. Our cows eat their seaweed. They have less methane-y burps. You get a tasty burg with a lower eco-hoofprint.

Sea them in action:

Cows grazing on grass

A new way to beef

Gamechanger is all about managing natural resources responsibly - doing right by our cows, feeding ‘em good green grass, letting ‘em roam – while lowering their eco impact to do right by the environment, too.

We still use the same Australian-reared, grass-fed black Angus beef that’s free range, with no antibiotics or hormones – the only difference? The new seaweed pellet from Sea Forest.

The cows roam on grassy, green Flinders farmland, chomping a mix of fresh grass and that innovative seaweed pellet that massively reduces the burpin’ methane output.

Read on to learn all about how to feed a cow seaweed.

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The time is cow

When it comes to tackling climate change, we can’t afford to wait.

So, we didn’t.

Before the federal government signed the Global Methane Pledge to cut methane emissions 30% by 2030, Grill'd was working with Sea Forest to find solutions.

If Grill’d had waited for the government grant to scale and adopt Asparagopsis, it would’ve taken us 4 years. That’s 4 years the planet doesn’t have. That's why Grill'd changed the game.

Working with Sea Forest and investing in our own farm in Victoria, we made the commercial use of Asparagopsis in grass-fed cows (one of the biggest feeding challenges for 95% of Aussie livestock) possible now.

Not in 4 years. Not in 7 years. We put our money where our mouth is, so that burger-lovin' eco-champs like you can, too.

Planet-savin' beef burgers

For just one extra dollar, your choice can help change the world. Doing good never tasted so delicious.

Available at selected restaurants.

Questions, answered

Does Gamechanger beef taste any different?

Nope! Same juicy beefy flavour you know and love from our other Grill’d burgers.

How do you measure the methane?

Well, we don’t do it ourselves: we brought in the experts from the University of New England (UNE) in NSW to make sure we got it right.

They used data from the GreenFeeder, which not only dispenses the seaweed pellets for the cows to eat, but also measures how much methane is in each burp.

Then, they looked at the findings, crunched the numbers, and came back with up to 67% methane reduction for this first herd of Gamechanger cattle.

Want more of the science? Read all about it

How long is Gamechanger on the menu for?

Hopefully, for good! Our goal is to keep increasing the amount of Gamechanger beef over the next year, so we can offer it in more of our restaurants – and make an even bigger impact. If you love beefin’ better, we can continue to change the world one burger at a time.

Why can't I get it at my local restaurant?

Our goal is to get this into all Grill’d restaurants. Because we’re leading the way in bringing this future-led, innovative beef to the people, there’s limited availability for launch.

We chose to spread the Gamechanger across most states, targeting restaurants in busy and urban spots to help reach as many eco-champs as possible.